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Heritage and History - Clare Island Lighthouse

Islanders are exceptionally proud of their rich heritage and history. Glimpses of Clare Island’s intriguing past are evident at every turn; across the island there are traces of past generations everywhere.

Food and Drink

8 Things to do on the coast of Northern Ireland

Things to do on Northern Ireland's coast


The Fascinating History of Barberstown Castle

10 thing you might not know about the history and famous residents of Barberstown Castle


The Marshall Doran Collection in Belleek Castle

Why not take a step back through time and discover the fantastic history of the unique Castle through a guided tour and explore the Marshall Doran Collection of fossils and Medieval European Armour.


The Library at Castle Leslie Estate

Castle Leslie Estate is one of the last great Irish castle estates still in the hands of its founding family, and houses a library that consists of about 2000 volumes built up over time from books acquired by (as well as works written by) the Bishop and the generations of Leslies who came after him.


History of Hunter's Hotel

The origins of Hunter’s Hotel, Newrath Bridge, date back to circa 1650. Built on land held by Sir Abraham Yarner, of Clonmannon Estate, and situated by the banks of the Vartry River, on the then main Dublin-Wexford road, it was originally a forge and evolved into what became known as the Newry Bridge Inn. It served as a Post-House, where travellers rested and changed horses. The oldest part of the building is where the present-day kitchen is located, including the original stable yard. Mr.Daty Rose was the proprietor from around the mid 1700’s. His son William succeeded him. In 1790, the proprietor was one P.Cole, who held the lease for a short period. In the early 1800’s, it became known as the Newrath Bridge Hotel, and sometimes as Nolan’s Hotel, when the lease was purchased by William Nolan, who had two sons, James and Richard. This lease ended when Mr.Nolan was drowned in the nearby Vartry River while watering horses one evening.The Hunter Dynasty begins with this chapter. John Hunter was a butler for Charles Tottenham, Ballycurry Estate. His wife, Catherine, was the housekeeper. In 1825, they obtained the lease on the Hotel, stable yard and seven acres of garden, from Henry Tighe, the landlord. John and Catherine excelled in their management, and the status was further elevated with the citation in Hall’s Ireland, 1841, which reads. “We strongly recommend Mr.Hunter’s Inn at Newrath Bridge which is according to our experience, the most comfortable in the county”. John and Catherine had four children, Robert, William (died in infancy) George and Elizabeth (died in infancy).

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