8 Delicious Cocktails that are sure to impress for your next date night

Raspberry and White Chocolate Martini from Bishops Gate Hotel

bishops gate hotel raspberry white chocolate martini cocktail resized 408x600


15ml Smirnoff Vodka

15ml Chambord

10ml white créme de cacoa

25ml pouring cream

1 white chocolate button

1 raspberry


Chill a small martini glass

Add all the liquid ingredients to a shaker and shake until the tin is frosted

Strain ingredients into the cocktail glass

Garnish by grating the chocolate button over the top and adding a raspberry


Love Potion from Cahernane House Hotel

cahernane house hotel love potion 408x600


60 ml Muckross Wild Gin

20ml Cointreau

35ml Lemon Juice

35ml Raspberry Syrup

5 drops of Sea Foam or 20ml of egg white


Shake well in cocktail shaker full of ice and strain into a margarita glass

Garnish with 3 raspberries on a skewer with a white straw


Charlie Chaplin Cocktail from Glenlo Abbey

glenlo abbey charlie chaplin cocktail 408x600


35ml Sloe Gin

35ml Apricot Brandy

10 Sugar Syrup

Fresh Squeeze of Lime

Adding egg white is optional- to pay homage to the old school method of egg white


Add all ingredients, hake well and strain into a coupe glass


Sweet and Sour Love Cocktail from Hayfield Manor

hayfield manor sweet and sour love cocktail 408x600


50 ml Tequila

30 ml Chambord

Freshly squeezed lime

Raspberry Puree

Egg White


All shaken.

Served straight up.

Edible Rose flower for garnish.

Shimer rose powder to sprinkle on top for a glow.


Cupidini Cocktail from Ice House

ice house hotel cupidini cocktail 408x600


35,5 ml Straw Boys Vodka

20 ml Creme de Cacao

10 ml Lemongrass Syrup

10 ml Raspberry Coulis

35 ml Hibiscus and Red Chilly Tea

30 ml Fresh Cream

3 droops of Cranberry Bitters 


Shaken with ice

Fine strain to Martini Glass

Garnish with Chocolate Heart, Chocolate Powder and Half Strawberry


Marry Me Cocktail from No.1 Pery Square

no1 pery sq marry me cocktail 408x600


50ml Dingle Vodka

3 large Irish Strawberries

5ml simple sugar syrup

5ml egg white

5ml Prosecco


Mulch the strawberries with the simple sugar syrup in a cocktail shaker, add the Dingle Vodka, egg white and ice. Shake well.

Pour it in a cocktail glass and top it up with Prosecco.

Garnish with edible pink flowers or fresh strawberry.


Passion at the Park from Park Hotel Kenmare

park hotel kenmare passion at the park cocktail 408x600


35mm Abslout vanilla vodka

25mm Peach schnapps

Juice of half a lime

50mm Cranberry juice

5mm Grenadine


Shake in ice

Serve in coup glass


Love Garden from Ballymaloe House

ballymaloe house love garden cocktail 408x600


Ballymaloe Gin (Any good Irish artisan gin would work)

Strawberry Kefir



Egg White

Lemon Juice