They say that dogs are man's best friends, and who better to go on holiday with than your best friend?

If you can bring them along knowing it will be hassle free, why leave you beloved pooch with the 'not so dog loving' relatives? If it is your first time bringing your dog with you on holiday then follow these simple tips to ensure that you, your family and your dog have a great time.

1. Preparation is key

Contact the hotel in advance and let them know the size of the dog you will be bringing so that they can offer you the most suitable room. Ireland's Blue Book has a range of pet friendly houses and hotels.

2. The Journey

Feed your dog no less than two hours before your car journey. Allow extra time to reach your destination. You should stop every hour to allow your dog to stretch their legs and have a drink.

3. Bring your dog's own bed/blanket

They may find it difficult at first to sleep in a new room. The familiar sent of their own bed/blanket will help them to settle in.

4. Grooming

After a day on the beach or hiking in the mountains your four-legged friend may be a little scruffy. Bring along a change of blanket for their bed, their brush and their towel to ensure they feel fresh and relaxed.

5. Medication & Vaccinations

Before bringing your dog on holiday check with your vet to ensure that your dog is up to date with all their annual vaccinations. Ensure that if your dog takes medication that you have enough for the duration of the holiday.

6. Food/bowl

It is a good idea to bring the dog's own food bowl and their own food. Keep to their regular routine and aim to feed them at the same time you would at home. It is a good idea to avoid giving your dog luxurious treat foods when away, again it's all about routine so stick to the foods they know.

7. Lead

Make sure you bring their lead and ensure you keep your dog on the lead in public places. Not everyone loves dogs! If you are in an open area a great way to allow your dog to have a good run is to bring an extendable lead rather than letting them off altogether.

8. Toys.

Bring just a few toys with you. A chew toy for the evening and a ball for when you are out and about.

9. Behaviour.

Remember you are going to a hotel and there will be other guests staying, perhaps with their own pets. Basic behaviour training is a must before you bring them away. Your dog should always come when called, stay when told and have a gentle temperament with other dogs and strangers.

10. Enjoy and Relax.

Dogs have a calming influence. Being prepared will ensure both you and your pet have a wonderful time. Take lots of pictures to capture these fond memories.

A number of Blue Book houses and hotels are pet friendly. Visit our 'pet friendly' page for all the information you will need. If you have any photos of your pets at Blue Book houses we would love to see them! Email them to us!


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