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The Guardians of the Gardens - Hedgehogs “Check In” to Enniscoe Country House

Enniscoe House is delighted to welcome two new employees to their Organic Garden. These new arrivals in no way impede the restrictions put in place by Covid-19 – they are sibling hedgehogs, who will help to tackle the troublesome population of slugs present in the garden.


5 Things to Do on your next trip to the Russborough House and Parklands

Looking for something to do on a sunny weekend? We list our 5 top tips on things to do at Russborough House and Parklands


4 Glorious Gardens from Ireland's Blue Book

A garden is a beautiful way to reflect the story of a building. Across the island of Ireland there are Blue Book destinations with magnificent gardens that each reflect their own unique history. The incredible gardens that surround these houses, hotels and manors are enjoyed by guests and gardening enthusiasts alike, making them an ideal escape for those who want to enjoy the treasures and delights of a spectacular garden.

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Experience the ‘Celestial Vault’ at Liss Ard Estate

James Turrell Irish Sky Garden: Designed and constructed under the close observation of famed Artist, James Turrell, The Irish Sky Garden or Crater gives the viewer a totally unique opportunity to admire and enjoy the ‘celestial vault’. Turrell, considered the greatest American Land Art Artist, has turned the Crater into a massive naked – eye observatory. The sky is his studio.

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Jardins Exceptionnels à Découvrir en Irlande

Le Blue Book de l’Irlande est une collection de Irish Country Houses, Hôtels, Manoirs, Châteaux et Restaurant. Laissez-vous charmer par l’ensemble des jardins Blue Books situés sur l’ile d’Irlande.


5 Fantastic Garden Features from Ireland's Blue Book

5 Fantastic Garden Features from the Blue Book


Blue Book Garden Delights

Beautiful Gardens of Ireland's Blue Book Country Houses, Historic Hotels and Castles.


Castle Durrow Garden Tour

Visit Castle Durrow & take a garden tour with Bart Howard the Head Gardener.

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