April 2020: Enniscoe House is delighted to welcomtwo new employees to their Organic Garden. These new arrivals in no way impede the restrictions put in place by Covid-19 – they are sibling hedgehogs, who will help to tackle the troublesome population of slugs present in the garden 


The Organic Garden at Enniscoe celebrates 25 years of being Certified Organic this year, meaning it uses no chemicals to control pests. It is constantly battling slugs – last year they wiped out two crops of courgettesThe two brothers will have the important job of reducing these pest outbreaks, helping to sustain the high-quality produce which comes from the garden. 


The pair – who are yet to be named – came from humble beginnings. They were discovered by Westport-based wildlife rehabilitator Noeline Haylett in cold and wet Winter conditionsusually a time when hedgehogs are in hibernation. After being nursed back to full health, they were passed onto the National Parks and Wildlife Service who brought them to Enniscoe to start their new adventure.  


The North Mayo Heritage Centre (NMHC) – situated on the Enniscoe Country Estate - celebrated their arrival by inviting children to enter a competition to send drawings of hedgehogswith the challenge of naming them tooIt reached over 14,000 people and had entries not just from Mayo but Sligo, Galway and the UK too. The lucky winner won a family pass to the next post-lockdown family event hosted at NMHC along with a hamper of organic produce fresh from the garden. 


Hugh Trayner, manager of the North Mayo Heritage Centre, commented on the arrival of the hedgehogs by saying “We do a lot of work with the National Parks and Wildlife Service. Two years ago, I asked them to keep an eye out for a hedgehog who had been rescued and needed a nice new home with plenty of food nearby. Last month I got a call to ask if I was still interested in a hedgehog - the only catch being there were now two of them!”. 


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About Enniscoe House 

Hidden among the woods at the foot of Nephin is Enniscoe, 'the last Great House of North Mayo' overlooking the waters of Lough Conn. The estate has been in the family since the 1650s and the classical Georgian house dates from the 1790s. 


About the North Mayo Heritage Centre 

The North Mayo Family Heritage Centre Ireland, situated on Enniscoe Country Estate, is dedicated to promoting the rich heritage of the region. It is one of North Mayo’s main attractions. 


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