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Northern Ireland

A 5 Day Tour of Northern Ireland

Explore the vibrant cities, peaceful countryside and dramatic coastlines of Northern Ireland on this 5 Day/5 Night Tour


A Romantic Tour of Ireland

Looking for the perfect honeymoon in Ireland - then choose this Blue Book romantic getaway, with breathtaking landscapes and luxurious accommodation......

City Escapes

Lovely Limerick City & Surrounds - an Itinerary

Take a Tour of Limerick City and Surrounds with Ireland's Blue Book...

City Escapes

What to see and do in Cork - an itinerary

Cork is the largest county in Ireland with undulating land interrupted by long ridges of sandstone with picturesque river valleys in between...

City Escapes

Belfast Itinerary - Our Guide to the Best of Beautiful Belfast

Beautiful Belfast, historically famous for shipbuilding and Irish Linen. More recently, rapid changes have brought an exciting dynamism to this once troubled spot.

Spa & Wellness

5 Star Treatment

You know what, you deserve it! There comes a time in all our busy lives that we feel we've earned the right to be treated like a Star or in this case Five Stars!!

City Escapes

The Best Things to See and Do in Ireland's Capital - Dublin City Itinerary

Dublin's Bubblin! One of Europe's finest Capital Cities, stretching from the Hills of Howth to the Heritage town of Dalkey Dublin is built on the River Liffey...

City Escapes

The Best of Gorgeous Galway - Galway Itinerary

Galway, a beautiful county divided by the expanse of Lough Corrib. To the south lies Galway city with its seaside suburb of Salthill...

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