Chocolate Delice Recipe by Ian Orr of Ardtara Country House

 chocolate delice by ian orr of browns bonds hill collection

Serves 10




110g White Chocolate

110g Biscuits



350g Dark Chocolate

150g White Chocolate

120g Glucose

120g Caster Sugar

120ml Water 

500ml Double Cream




For the base, melt the white chocolate over a Bain-marie, crush the biscuits into a fine crumb, combine with the melted chocolate and press into a standard size cheesecake mould, place in the fridge.


For the delice, melt both chocolates together over a Bain-marie, while this is melting, in a separate bowl add the water, sugar and glucose, bring to boil, combine this with the chocolate mix and leave to cool.


When it is cool, semi whip the cream until just before it thickens, fold it into the chocolate mix and pour over the base, place it in the fridge to set.


Serve with fresh cherries (or any other fruit) and ice-cream.