Roll up your sleeves with these delectable cookery courses, and hone your skills with some of Ireland’s most talented and well known chefs.   

The Tannery Cookery School

The Tannery Cookery School is a gorgeous space – a chic, naturally-lit series of rooms custom-designed by Paul and Máire to cater for up to 14 participants at practical classes, or 30 at cookery demos. Paul and his roster of guest tutors run courses every weekend, offering fun and informative days in the kitchen for anyone with a casual interest in cooking. Don’t worry about your culinary skills… small groups, hen parties, corporate off-site events and closet masterchefs are all welcome at an award-winning school renowned for Paul’s down-to-earth advice and encouragement. table!


Italian Feasts for Family and Friends

July 21st 2018

10:00 am - 4:00 pm


Who hasn’t come back from hols in Italy dreaming of the rustic Italian food where even the simplest meal of bread and tomatoes seems like a feast. The wine helps of course. Paul has spent the last few years holidaying in Umbria and picking up the nuances of this regional cuisine in the garden of Italy. Italian cooking is so suitable for friends, families and gatherings so why not sign up for this very enjoyable demo day with a few pals and sit back and see it all done for you. Followed by a fun lunch.


Vegetarian - Meat Free Cooking - Morning Demo

September 29th, 2018

11:00 am - 2:00 pm


The Tannery Cookery School have recently become converts to meat free cooking. That’s not to say they are fully fledged vegetarians, far from it, but they have discovered the benefits and the variety of meat free cooking. There’s a whole cooking world out there where the vegetable is the starring role and this course will show even the ordinary home cook, how to make inspired and satisfying meat free dishes. Includes lunch


Ghan House Cookery School

Ghan House Cookery School was established over 20 years ago, in 1993, and was the 3rd such Cookery School in Ireland started by proprietor Joyce Carroll. If you would like to improve your skills at baking, seafood, entertaining your family and friends or simply wish to watch the experts show you how, then there will be a course to suit you. Guest chefs include former head chef Paula McIntyre featured on several BBC cookery shows, and Ursula Ferrigno, a specialist in Italian cuisine. Special events are hosted throughout the year such as Gourmet nights, wine tasting, Georgian Banquets and midwinter solstice night.


Hands-on Cookery

Available on request

2.00pm – 5.00pm

€75 per person

This is where you get your hands dirty! This time you get to make it, with instruction & help from the experts. This can be developed into creating your own lunch or 3 course dinner to be eaten at Ghan House or to take home. You could base the Cookery class around your dinner – Cook say 2pm to 5pm - where you learn & do your starters, main courses & desserts then return later on that evening, say 7pm for your dinner. You would then enjoy dinner in one of our private dining rooms

For more information or to book a course in Ghan House please see or contact 042 937 3682



Dunbrody Cookery School

Dunbrody Cookery School has been designed to cater for all levels of cooks, from budding enthusiasts (Back to Basics) to the experienced gourmet (specialised courses). The perfect blend of demonstration and hands-on individual tuition means that you will learn practically and be able to reproduce the dishes at home in your own kitchen. Located just opposite Dunbrody Country House where the restaurant has received numerous awards the simple philosophy of under-stated but delicious food follows on in the Dunbrody Cookery School.


Upcoming Courses

June 2018
€175 per person
June 8th -  Fusion Cuisine
June 9th - Seafood & Shellfish
June 15th - Easy Entertaining
June 16th - BBQ & Grill
June 17th - BBQ with a Twist

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